Reflections on tourist motivation

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Profile evolution and new tourism products


I share with you some reflections presented during my internship Master in Cultural Management, Cultural tourism, about this theme.

In this case reflection begins with the paradox of the case of Spain where records of visits of foreign tourists are recorded on one side, while on the other we look at statistics with figures that do not match this positive trend, as we indicate that consumption of tourism products has decreased.

So, What is the reason? Why Spain receives more tourists but sells less tourism products? Do we know the motivation of tourists?

From my point of view these studies do not reflect a reality that is changing and complex.

Internationally, the WTO said that international tourist arrivals for 2015 would grow 3 Y 4%, thanks to the economic recovery of most traditional sending countries, I made up for what they call "slowdown in emerging markets", those markets during the crisis have kept tourism numbers in positive territory.

Nevertheless, OMT turn pointed out that for the 2015 expectations would be less optimistic than the previous year, due to changing trends in the tourism market.

Thus, If demographics are not a true reflection of changing trends in the profile of tourists, what should we do?

Primarily invest the necessary resources to meet why a tourist traveling to a destination (something that seems obvious, but often is not carried out by the casuistry it).

Plus, yet, know what your priorities and be aware that you have to new forms of segmentation not prioritize demographic models but also working on models based on values, behaviors and needs of travelers.

Let's see, on an international level, the Association of British Travel wholesalers (ABTA) 2015 assured:

Most customers are looking for value above "lowcost", try experiences, los city breaks, shows and artistic activities and the fact of living the local life of the place you visit.


But not only that, it is necessary, as well, take into account the behavior, values ​​and needs of travelers when choosing new information channels and marketing to present a catalog of experiences only aimed at different segments, without forgetting that the means we use to communicate will be as important as what we communicate.

Ultimately we must put in place the traveler, our target audience, and offer you the experience you are looking for.


We continue. A greeting!


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