Future trends in the development of a cultural tourism product

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This time, I leave you with some of the future trends that I consider key to the development of a cultural tourism product.


  • Differentiation:

Bet on differentiation to develop a cultural tourism product is key, the aim is to create a unique value proposition, that makes us different from the rest. We must work the brand, that which will identify us.

To make it effective, It will be essential to communicate the features we will be visible in an increasingly changing and competitive environment, but which in turn can be homogeneous.

  • “The Experience Economy”

We do not sell a product of cultural tourism but We sell experiences. experiential tourism must be promoted as a commitment to enhance the cultural heritage of each locality.

At the time of developing a new cultural tourism product it will be essential that we provide a catalog of unique experiences according to the current needs of demand.

  • Sustainability and social consciousness:

The current tourist is more aware of the need to restore and preserve heritage, for this reason it will be necessary destinations bet on the development of tourism products that are based on integrated management strategies.

Demand receive quality products that pursue a philosophy that includes the defense of cultural diversity as a tourist resort, invites you to discover and know the destination of choice rather than settle for a simple superficial visit.

  • Incorporation of new technologies to the product:

From the point of view of the same management of heritage resources will have to take into account that move the Web 2.0 the Web 3.0, where mobile Internet happens. Everyone uses cloud applications (Cloud Computing), programs interact well with each other, They understood, algorithms are simulated intelligence and data source. The devices use the geolocation, augmented reality is incorporated and everything is connected to Internet (the Internet of things). Roughly, are features that will be critical to the recovery of tourism resources and their development as cultural products.

  • Big Data as an opportunity for planning cultural tourism offer:

In this case it is targeted actions to make simple patterns, in high value information. It will meet the demand with real data that will improve strategies, both short- and long-term, learning will allow experimentation, will accelerate decision-making and will be key to the sector of culture that both need to optimize resources.


We continue. A greeting!



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