Creating conditions for cultural tourism product II

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More conditions for creating cultural tourism product


3. Sufficient tourist information structure and content adapted to all audiences:

Having this structure is essential for the development of cultural tourism product, it helps us to present the resource, the characteristics (for example, input price, discounts adversely etc.) and promotion, and therefore its market position.

4. Simple possibilities of access by various means according to the territory:

Simple access opportunities in cultural tourism are very important to provide a good experience to tourists. To make it so, It will be necessary to agree with resource managers and monuments, the conditions and timing of visits, the adequacy access, parking, rest and recreation facilities among others that may be necessary. It will be critical, as well, adapt the spaces to accessibility for people with physical disabilities and reduced mobility.

5. Minimal information signs:

For the proper development of tourism it is very important signaling resources and tourism we offer. Without this signaling will be almost impossible to attract tourists.

6. Minimal interpretive signage:

The resort as such may have enough potential to attract many tourists, or not. In any case it is essential, to improve the tourist experience, have equipment such as interpretation centers, self-guided itineraries, visitor reception centers, guides, informers and / or interpreters heritage. Of course it is a qualitative differential element favoring the tourist understand, i enjoy even collaborate on resource conservation.

7. A legal framework for resources visit, under the conditions and restrictions laid:

This condition is essential to ensure the viability of the resource. Both short term and long term and to do so will be necessary to develop specific legislation to protect heritage.

8. Minimal tourism that ensures host destination:

accommodation, restoration and transportation. This is the most important condition to ensure the development of a cultural tourism product will work. Without a minimum tourism it will be difficult for tour operators to invest in the creation and implementation of tourism services and products based on this resource. For availability of the offer involves contacting producers or suppliers of each of the components of the tourism product.

9. Planning and supply time:

To ensure the development of cultural tourism product is very important to plan time to visit resources, see what the seasonality, the maximum number of visitors, What will be the balance of time itinerary that visited several resources etc..

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Creating conditions for cultural tourism product II
In any cultural tourism destination, actual or potential, you must have a minimum of heritage resources sufficient attractiveness and to comply with minimum conditions for the operation of a cultural tourism product. The fact is that this is not always the case ...

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