The Web 2.0 and generating collective intelligence in the field of development of a destination

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What role can the Web 2.0 in generating collective intelligence in the field of development of a destination?


Some Reflections on the concept of collective intelligence.

Collective intelligence It has been extended with the use of new technologies and in the context of the information society.

The concept comes from collaborations between different individuals who share knowledge and information through Internet. The web 2.0 is not a new technology is another way of understanding Internet, as bidirectional communication tool, and as a space filled with applications that help us to work and allow us to interact globally.

In the tourism framework, the Web 2.0, It has changed the context in which a destiny unfolds, not only because it allows the integration of agents, but in the sense that modifies the relationship between producer and consumer.

These changes give us the opportunity to establish a different relationship with the tourist. They allow the exchange of information and aparción of new relationships, leaving aside the way comuniación or perhaps nonexistent.

Social media can say they are the basics of Web 2.0, as they are intended for the user, allowing you to generate content, interact and thus encourage collective participation, since they are nourished by the collective intelligence itself.

Before the situation was: we have a destination, We create a product and launched. This has changed. The emergence of the so-called Web 2.0 It has been instrumental in changing this scenario, because we hear users say to, definitely, identify their needs.


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