Facebook for business: Download the free practical guide

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It is 2017 begins full of new projects and opportunities.


And one of my goals is sharing through the Blog. I will do!


Practical guidelines for companies


A pleasure to collaborate from the 3ISIC, Peñarroya Montserrat, Helena Homes and Carlota Rincón, in publishing Guides Collection practices Digital Marketing for Business.


What does it consist on?


The guidelines are a handbook of tips, best practices and key elements for success online.

They are published monthly throughout the year and, It could not be otherwise, The first deals Facebook.

facebook_guia company


Why Facebook?


The truth is Facebook It remains the main social networks, despite who think the vast majority of my young students (16-25 years), we will see that there are many opportunities for your business.

In the guide we give the "10 key success factors of a good strategy in business communication through Facebook".


Here's the download link:


Practical guidelines for companies: Facebook


I hope you find it very useful. regards,


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