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Graduate in Tourism by the Autonomous University of Barcelona and Master in Cultural Management, specialization Cultural tourism by the UOC-UdG-UIB Universities.

Currently he is learning from great professionals and accumulating hours in front of computer screen, especially by monitoring and researching new digital trends and transformations that are generating in Marketing and Tourist Digital Marketing.


Professional Experience


Working to help businesses and new generations of professionals to achieve its objectives through the strategies and techniques of digital marketing.
Consultant and professor at the International Research Institute of the Information Society and Knowledge (3ISIC).

forming, tutor and consultant in Digital Marketing in various programs and universities. Coordinator and teacher of the online Master in Digital Marketing and Social Networks the University of Vic.


But there is more…

Not everything is working and studying, evident, I love traveling, I do not care how and where I'm always running. Culture in general

is another of my passions, in fact I think they go hand in hand. We should all keep in mind that culture is part of our lives,

really for me is that which liberates us and makes us more aware of the world around us.

The truth is that today my head is buzzing with ideas and I would like, through this Web, channeling some of them.

I hope to see you find interesting!